Why T&R Designs

Quality · Speed · professional · Cost-effective · family owned

T&R Designs IS built on a foundation of integrity, agility, and common sense.

As a family-owned, father & son business, we understand that all three of those items are vital to the success of a project, and the success of a business partnership. That sort of commitment sets us apart, and we’d like to explain what else makes us different.

Premier Quality Work

At T&R Designs, we’ve been doing exceptional work with counter tops, cabinets, and granite for over 20 years.

That kind of consistency of execution and leadership can’t be easily found elsewhere. Speaking of leadership, our founder, Tim Malone, is a Master Craftsman in woodworking, and has been providing commercial millwork for over 50 years. We use only the best products, and carry out our projects with masterful attention to detail.

Faster Speeds, Shorter Lead Time

The best way to save our partners time and money is to work swiftly, and do it right the first time.

We’re committed to both of those things at T&R Designs. We work as quick as possible without sacrificing the quality of our work, and our lead times will beat anything you’re used to in the construction industry.

Common Sense Pricing

Tired of contractors who overcharge and underperform? So are we.

We aren’t interested in price gouging, rather we strive to build lasting partnerships built on trust. We are proud of our unparalleled quality-to-price balance, and we keep our pricing complete transparent, so you know that you’re getting charged exactly what the project is worth.

Unmatched Customer Service & Professionalism

Unlike most service industry companies, who miss deadlines and have a less-than-pleasant temperament, we are dedicated to always keeping our word.

We are punctual, polite, and always dress & act like professionals. Our faith permeates into
our business philosophy, and that is very clear in the level of quality service you receive.

The fact that T&R Designs is a family owned business of believers is evident in everything that we do.

From our common sense approach to pricing, to our dedication to customer service, we strive to employ a servant mentality with every partnership. What most people call “old-fashioned service” is still alive and well at T&R Designs.