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What is the advantage of using a company that builds both cabinets and countertops, as opposed to company that specializes in just one?

As a unified cabinet & countertop company, we can provide fast turnaround times, quicker lead times, and less mistakes by having the exact same team managing the fabrication of both elements.

How does a T&R client go about selecting a granite or quartz option?

We do keep some granite and quartz selections in stock at all times, however we routinely meet clients at the slab warehouse of their choice to help hand select their granite or quartz

Does T&R Designs provide free estimates?

Absolutely, for any and all projects.

Can T&R Designs complete a ‘turn-key’ project?

Yes. We can handle the entire cabinet and countertop remodel, from start to finish. Including plumbing, electrical, wall removal, demo, and backsplash; we take care of the entire project.

How long does a total kitchen remodel typically take T&R Designs?

This answer varies greatly depending on the scope of the project, but we can confidently say that generally a kitchen remodel takes between one and two weeks for us.

How long does it take T&R Designs to install a granite countertop?

Typically, granite countertops are a single-day project for us. While there are some exceptions, it normally takes just one work day.