Case Studies

personal testimonials from some of our partners

T&R Designs IS built on a foundation of integrity, agility, and common sense.

As a family-owned, father & son business, we understand that all three of those items are vital to the success of a project, and the success of a business partnership. We would like to showcase a few projects that highlight these character traits in our work.

CLIENT: Rubicon Builders

“We’ve chosen to continue to call T&R back to our jobs…

because they are on-time, cost effective, do quality work, and most importantly have operational integrity. The operational integrity is so important from what you’re made of as a human being to the financial strength of your operation. You have to be pretty lean and mean to make it happen and Randy does. It’s a pleasure to work with people who compete and win in timeliness, cost, and integrity.”

quick and timely work

“T&R did a very nice job. They were punctual, adhered to all timeframes that they gave, and did the work very quickly without lacking quality."

continued partnership

“As we continue to use T&R as a vendor, we are very pleased with the work they continue to do and we will use them going forward when we can." -- Torrey Parkhurst, Owner

CLIENT: Rubicon Builders

“I own a construction company and we’re a production level general contractor with a high volume of transactions, and everything is very fast paced. We have minimal margin for error...
Nothing is more important than strategic partnerships with your vendors and they come and go in this business.”

valued as one of the best

"We were looking for additional contractors to help us with some cabinet work. We reached out to a few partners we had worked with previously and they recommended T&R to us.
Since then we’ve done a lot with T&R.”

valued as one of the best

“I’m a general contractor and we’ve done a significant amount of both commercial and residential millwork and countertops with T&R for both lower cost, economic, and high-end finishes.
We’re in one of the most competitive markets in America, so it can be a waste of time to try to, but we shop around for new vendors. However we routinely have a wide variety of sub-contractors employed and T&R is one of the ones that I don’t feel the need to shop their pricing, quality, and timeliness because they’re the best.”

reputation and follow through

“We were looking for a reliable cabinet partner and asked one of our other trusted vendors if they knew of anyone worth talking to. They told us to give T&R a call.
When they came out, they showed up early and installed granite countertops for a remodel we worked on. The job was pretty standard, but the work was great and had no hangups.”
-- Parkhurst Woodworks